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Pregnancy Birth

My Birth Preferences + PRINTABLE Birth Plan Template

Until I actually became pregnant, I had never really considered how I would want my birth to go. I’ve always known certain things (for instance,┬áthat I don’t want an epidural) but as far as any tangible birth preferences are concerned, I had no comprehension of just how much there was to consider. However, since getting […]

Pregnancy Birth

Five Positive Birth Stories to Read Before Labour

Positive Birth Stories Water Birth Image

If you’re expecting a baby, particularly if it’s your first, the chances are that friends, family and even strangers have felt it appropriate (or even that it’s their duty!) to impart terrifying birth stories to you since the moment you told them! Positive birth stories seem to very rarely feature in conversation with expectant mothers […]


Pregnancy Insomnia: Tips & Advice For Sleepless Nights During Pregnancy

Pregnancy insomnia information tips and tricks to help you sleep in pregnancy

As I start to write this, my phone clock reads 01:28 and I’m lying in bed with absolutely no hope of falling asleep any time soon. Pregnancy insomnia is in full swing here! Before I fell pregnant, I had always been a bit of an up and down sleeper. Never the best at falling asleep, […]


10 Surprising Things About the Second Trimester

10 Surprising Things About Your Second Trimester

Back at the end of my first trimester, I wrote a post about the things that no one tells you about it! Well, I’m now past my second trimester and into my third, and whilst I felt more prepared for the second leg of my pregnancy there were still a lot of surprising things that […]


Best Gender Neutral Baby Brands

Best Gender Neutral Baby Brands to Shop With for parents

My little boy is due February 2019 but I’ve known for a long time that my preference in baby clothes is very much skewed towards the gender neutral and whether I had been expecting a little girl or my little boy, I would have still done a fair amount of shopping with brands that stock […]

Pregnancy Children's Fashion

Best Free Pregnancy Tracker and Parenting Apps

Best pregnancy trackers and parenting apps

Pregnancy can be a stressful and uncertain time, particularly if you’re a first-time mum or don’t know that many people with children. I for one, turned into a neurotic mess the moment I found out that I was expecting, so finding support was crucial for me. One of my most important sources of support and […]