Best Free Pregnancy Tracker and Parenting Apps

Best pregnancy trackers and parenting apps

Pregnancy can be a stressful and uncertain time, particularly if you’re a first-time mum or don’t know that many people with children. I for one, turned into a neurotic mess the moment I found out that I was expecting, so finding support was crucial for me. One of my most important sources of support and information has come from the many and varied pregnancy tracker and parenting apps that I’ve downloaded, which give me daily, weekly and monthly info related to where I am in my pregnancy and what to expect in the weeks to come. 

If, like me, you like to feel a bit more prepared when entering into motherhood, then finding pregnancy tracker apps that work for you is a great idea! Here are my favourites to get you started, but let me know any that you love in the comments below!

Flo Health

pregnancy tracker - apps - parenting - pregnancy

Flo has been an incredibly important part of my life for the past year or more, as it not only acts as a pregnancy tracker app but also doubles as an ovulation and health tracker.

It was in this capacity that I first discovered Flo, as I wanted to better track and understand my menstrual cycle, whilst monitoring any related symptoms in an effort to pinpoint ovulation when I was trying to conceive.

Having tried a number of different ovulation trackers, I settled on Flo as my favourite due to it’s simple design and wide functionality. Not only did it predict my ovulation based on the data I was inputting, but it also helped me understand which of my symptoms were related to my period and which weren’t.

For example, I get very bad headaches and with the help of Flo I was able to identify that they were caused by fluctuations in my hormones.

Once I successfully fell pregnant, Flo was just as great! It gives me daily updates about where I am in my pregnancy and what I might expect to happen, as well as providing interesting articles and community forums about important topics, such as health, baby names, exercise, sex and symptoms. It’s the first app I open on my phone every morning (even before Facebook!) and I’ll be using it until the end.

My favourite thing about Flo is how it makes me feel like I’m in control of what’s happening in my body, both pre and during my pregnancy. Understanding and being aware of the changes, what’s normal and what isn’t, has been crucial for me.

Flo Health is free to download on both IOS and Android devices.

Pregnancy +

pregnancy tracker - apps - parenting - pregnancy

Pregnancy + reputes to be the world’s number one pregnancy app, and whilst I can’t verify that fact, I can tell you that it’s well worth downloading if you’re expecting.

It gives daily updates about how far along you are and what your baby might look like at your current stage of pregnancy. I love the visualisation that the app gives you, particularly as it shows you what you’d expect to see in both a 2D and 3D scan, as well as a constructed image, which really helps you to feel connected to your little bean.

As well as showing you how many days you are into your pregnancy, and how many you have left, Pregnancy + also shows you your predicted due date, has a daily blog with interesting articles about your stage of pregnancy and give you a weekly guide as to what you can expect. Like many apps out there it also gives you a fun idea of how big your baby is at that moment, using fruit and vegetables.

You can use Pregnancy + to track your weight and health, as well as inputting any appointments, tasks and preferred baby names, so it really does have all bases covered!

Pregnancy + is free to download on both IOS and Android devices. 


pregnancy tracker - apps - parenting - pregnancy

BabyCentre is a fantastic app if you’re looking for an app to take you from pregnancy to baby and help you connect with other mums online. Not only does this app give you a day by day update for your pregnancy, it also has fantastic visualisations of what your baby looks like in the womb and features useful articles and information every single day. One of my favourite features is how it breaks down information about your baby’s growth week to week.

On your weekly update, you can press different sections of the image and the app gives you information about how that part of your baby might be developing, it’s useful, fascinating and informative!

Another great feature of the BabyCentre app (or website) is their Birth Club. You can join a Birth Club depending on your estimated due date, and communicate with mums who are at the same stage of pregnancy as you.

By asking questions or responding to other’s on this forum, you can have access to a wealth of information and help put other mum’s minds at ease too. It’s a fantastic way to feel connected to people, especially if you don’t know many other mums!

Other tools included on the BabyCentre app include a photo section, where you can store pictures of your bump or scans; a baby name finder and a contraction timer for when you’re in labour.

BabyCentre is free on IOS and Android devices. You can also find many of these features and even more information on the BabyCentre website


pregnancy tracker - apps - parenting - pregnancy

If you’ve had your first midwife appointment, the chances are that you’ve heard of Bounty, and you may have even received one of their free pregnancy packs. I really recommend downloading the Bounty App, both for your pregnancy and afterwards, as it’s a haven of information and amazing deals to take advantage of both pre and post baby.

Raising a child is expensive, which is why the many and varied deals on the Bounty app are amazing. From money off your food orders to deals on prams, baby monitors or skincare, they have limited time offers which you can take advantage of throughout your pregnancy and after your baby is born.

As well as being an excellent source of deals, Bounty also doubles as a pregnancy tracker providing you with a guide of where you are and how long you have to go in your pregnancy. It also gives you information about the size and weight of your baby and has an extensive blog section to take advantage of.

Bounty is free to download on both IOS and Android devices. You can also access Bounty via their website


pregnancy tracker - apps - parenting - pregnancy

Ok, so hand on heart I haven’t actually taken advantage of everything that Mush has to offer yet, as it’s more geared towards mums who have had their babies, however I’m including it here as I cannot wait to use it more!

Mush is like a social network for mums who are looking to meet other mums with similar interests or hobbies in their area. It’s no secret that being a new mum, or even a mum to older children, can often be lonely and isolating, particularly if you don’t have many friends with children. That’s where Mush comes in!

Once you create your profile you can see other mums in the local area and connect with them using the app’s features. Whilst the app is aimed at women in pregnancy, it seems to me (at least in my local area) that the majority of women using it do already have children and are looking to meet mums in the same situation.

I can tell you now though, that when I have my little bundle of joy I will be taking full advantage of this fantastic app to meet new mums who are experiencing the same things as me.

Mush is free to download on IOS and Android devices. 


pregnancy tracker - apps - parenting - pregnancy

BabyBuddy is a relatively new pregnancy tracker app for me, as it was recommended to me in my first midwife appointment just last week, but I already love it!

When you download BabyBuddy you create an avatar who acts as your virtual pregnancy buddy from start to finish. This avatar gives you daily information and updates on your pregnancy, which is really useful, but the app also has a whole host of other features to take advantage of throughout your pregnancy!

I particularly like the interactive ‘Ask Me’ feature where you ask your avatar questions and it comes back with answers. Obviously, it’s not a foolproof system, as it’s based on AI, but it’s still a great way to feel connected and get advice. Other features include reminders, appointment tracking, goal setting, education videos, and a diary function to track your moods and how you’re feeling about your pregnancy.

There is so much to make the most of with this app and it’s recommended by midwives so you know it’s good!

BabyBuddy is free to download on IOS and Android devices


pregnancy tracker - apps - parenting - pregnancy

Mumsnet is perhaps one of the best-known parenting websites, with forums discussing pretty much every aspect of pregnancy, parenting, relationships and life. It’s an entirely user-generated forum, in that it is made up purely of questions and topics created by its users, so it doesn’t act as a pregnancy tracker app. However, it is a fantastic source of information if you know how to edit through some of the more annoying or questionable topics!

My one piece of advice would be that you don’t download or use Mumsnet until you are past week seven or eight of your pregnancy. The reason for this is that early pregnancy is full of worrying symptoms and if you spend your time searching them on Mumsnet (as I did) you can send yourself down a rabbit hole of fear, worry and misinformation.

That being said, I have used it throughout my first trimester to ask questions about how I’m feeling and symptoms I’m having and it has been very useful. I have also found that surfing through some of the more funny or ridiculous threads can be a great way to distract yourself on sleepless nights or when you’re feeling particularly worried or stressed.

It’s made the list as it is incredibly useful, but take the treads with a pinch of salt and always ask your health practitioner if you have real concerns – don’t rely on strangers on the internet!

Mumsnet is free to download on both IOS and Android devices. You can also access Mumsnet via their website


pregnancy tracker - apps - parenting - pregnancy

The last app on my list of favourite pregnancy tracker apps isn’t strictly a parenting tracker or pregnancy app, however, it has already proved itself very useful during my pregnancy. Listium is, as the name suggests, an app to make and keep track of lists, something which is invaluable during pregnancy when you have so much to plan and track.

I have already used Listium to make an extensive list of everything we need to buy for the baby before it arrives, as well as items I’d like/need during and after I give birth. You could also use it to make baby name lists, track your favourite brands or even track appointments and to-dos before bump turns to baby!

However you use the app, Listium is a fantastic resource for getting your thoughts and ideas in one place and keeping them organised. You obviously don’t need to stick to using it just in your pregnancy, and can use it for so many other areas of your life or after the baby arrives, making it a seriously useful app to download!

Listium is free to download on IOS and Android devices

So, there you have it! My list of the very best and most useful pregnancy tracker and parenting apps. I’m sure I’ll find more as I go through my pregnancy and reach the next stage of this exciting journey, but for now these should be plenty for you to be getting on with. They all bring something slightly different to the table, and you can never have too much information!

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