Five Positive Birth Stories to Read Before Labour

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If you’re expecting a baby, particularly if it’s your first, the chances are that friends, family and even strangers have felt it appropriate (or even that it’s their duty!) to impart terrifying birth stories to you since the moment you told them! Positive birth stories seem to very rarely feature in conversation with expectant mothers at all.

Whether this is because women who have had more positive experiences feel guilty for having done so, or whether we are just so programmed to talk about birth in a negative way, I don’t know. All I do know is that when I became pregnant, it didn’t even cross my mind that birth could be a positive and empowering event!

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However, about halfway through my pregnancy, I discovered positive birth stories, and everything changed for me! I came across The Positive Birth Company on Instagram and started to learn hypnobirthing techniques to prepare for labour.

A big part of this was researching, reading and watching positive birth stories to help reprogramme my brain into realising that birth can be a positive experience – even if it doesn’t go entirely to plan!

So, here are some of my favourite positive birth stories from women on Instagram! I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me…

1. When Things Don’t Go To Plan

Swipe through this lady’s story to read about her labour. It didn’t all go to plan but she still came out of it feeling empowered and happy!

2. Acknowledging Fear Can Help Labour Progress

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The wonderful midwife who posted this video originally wrote a caption that I found so thought-provoking. As labour rested for a little while, she asked this mum if there were any fears she was still harbouring. The mum explained that she was nervous about the second stage of labour, as baby moves down and out (sometimes thought of as the 'pushing bit'). By speaking her fear and receiving guidance and support, her body relaxed and responded by moving quickly through the downward stage and her baby was born in a couple of breaths. Hypnobirthing isn't about ignoring our fears or worries about birth. It's about acknowledging them, questioning them, unpicking them and facing them. You can't give birth calmly by pushing your worries into the recesses of your mind. Those worries need to be held up to the light: only then can you see through them. Amazing video by amazing midwife @lindseymeehleis #birth #childbirth #pregnant #baby #newborn #justborn #waterbirth #midwife #calmbirth #faceyourfears #hypnobirthing #mindfulbirth #labour #positivebirth #birthpool #duein2019

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This mum had a brilliant midwife who encouraged her to acknowledge her fears and helped guide her through them. Reducing that adrenaline rush from fear helps your oxytocin levels increase and will help labour progress effectively!

3. Visualising the Outcome Can Really Help

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This “I just had my baby” smile. This insanely happy face, the relief, the joy. This moment was what I kept thinking of through my contractions. I remember saying to my midwife in the midst of it all, we wait for 9 months for this day, to feel those first contractions, I wanted to make sure I remembered and almost appreciated the moment. We wake up every morning in the last few weeks, wishing and willing it to be the day and if it’s not we do everything within our power to try and start it off. Through all this build up and excitement I didn’t want panic and fear to take over in the moment. I wanted to enjoy it, the anticipation of meeting my baby. And I did. All because with every contraction I imagined this moment. . . This is something that I learnt from doing hypnobirthing, keeping your eyes on the prize 👶 🏆 and this is something Oli will be going through with TBTBC hypnobirthers at the essentials day today. . . Who’s got this moment to look forward to…? ❤️ . . . 📸 @chuikingli . . #FirstMoments #BirthPositive #MyBumpToBabyChapter #WaterBirth #Hypnobirthing #BirthBecomesHer #BirthPhotography #Birth #BirthLikeABoss #BirthWithoutFear #PositiveBirth #Midwife #Newborn #JustBorn #ThePositiveBirthMovement #EmpoweringWomen #GentleBirth #IGaveBirth

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This mum found that using hypnobirthing techniques and visualising her end goal and keeping her eyes on the prize helped her through her surges (or contractions) and helped create this positive birth story!

4. An Empowering Home Hypnobirth

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I’m so so excited to share this beautiful birth story with you!!! ❤️ . It feels such an honour to share Sarah and Lee’s second Hypnobirthing birth story with you. What is even more special is that this time Sarah had an additional birth partner. This was Rebecca who they’d met on their Hypnobirthing course just over two years ago 😍 What a team!!!! . I’m so delighted that they had another positive, empowering homebirth ❤️ Particuarly after their tough time conceiving 🌈 . ‘After been told we only had 10% chance of conceiving naturally, multiple miscarriages, two failed IVF cycles, we have our two beautiful baby boys both naturally. Our final piece of our jigsaw is complete, Jonathan George William Fretter born 21.15 at home in the pool with no pain relief weighing 7lb 6oz. Hypnobirthing got me through my 36hour on and off labour that was intense and very empowering but so worth it.’ . Have a read of their beautiful story with incredible photos from Lee and of course Rebecca. Link in bio!

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Home birth after a tough IVF journey might sound unusual, but it was perfect for this gorgeous family. Swipe through these pictures to see some tear-jerking positive birth photos!

5. An Intuitive Birth Partner Can Be Very Important

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✨ POSITIVE BIRTH STORY ✨ FIRST TIME MUM ✨ HOSPITAL BIRTH ✨ . Danielle and Brandon aka @the.smiths.32 recently welcomed their first baby into the world 👶🏼💘 . Swipe left above to read their very positive hospital birth story 👆🏼👈🏼 and how Danielle arrived at the hospital to find she was already 9cm dilated after a stop / start early labour…😵 . Danielle says she watched all our YouTube videos on repeat in the months leading up to her birth and used the affirmations from this page as screensavers on her phone 🤳🏼 to help her get into a positive mindset 🧠🌟 . Her story goes to show you don’t need to spends tons of ££s in order to prepare for a positive and empowering birth 💪🏼 . You’ll find 11x 💥FREE💥 videos to watch over on our YouTube channel, covering all the key bits of Hypnobirthing 👉🏼 🎥 . . You can also get yourself a 💥FREE💥 positive affirmations MP3 🎧 on our website – simply scroll to the bottom of the homepage and sign up via the subscribe box there ✔️ You’ll be sent a link to download within 24 hours 📩 Make sure you check your junk/spam folders 👀👍🏼 . And for lots more positive birth stories, visit our blog 👉🏼 or tap #positivebirthstoryproject ❤️ . . . #hypnobirthingmadeeasy #thepositivebirthcompany #hypnobirth #hypnobirthing #positivebirth #calmbirth #gentlebirth #naturalbirth #birthstory #homebirth #waterbirth #birthwithconfidence #birthwithoutfear #informedbirth #empoweredbirth #birthbecomesher #birthisbeautiful #hypnobirthingworks #rockyourbirth

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I love this story for a few reasons! Not only did this mother labour at home fantastically using breathing and her positive affirmations, but her partner had the intuition and confidence to insist that they went into hospital at just the right time.

So, there are five of my favourite positive birth stories from recent weeks! You can find loads more by searching #positivebirthstories or #positivebirth on Instagram!

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✨ POSITIVE BIRTH STORY ✨ FIRST TIME MUM ✨ BACK-TO-BACK BABY ✨ . @ines_kkan recently welcomed her first baby into the world 👶🏽❤️ . Swipe left above to read her very positive birth story 👆🏼👈🏼 and how she navigated a long labour, opting for an epidural when needed which enabled her to welcome her baby into the world feeling calm, relaxed and full of love ❤️ . @ines_kkan used our ⚡️DIGITAL PACK⚡️ to prepare for her birth and you’ll find lots more testimonials in our stories today and the link to buy in our bio 🔝🔝 . For more positive birth stories, visit our blog 👉🏼 or tap #positivebirthstoryproject ❤️ . . . . . #hypnobirthingmadeeasy #thepositivebirthcompany #hypnobirth #hypnobirthing #positivebirth #calmbirth #gentlebirth #naturalbirth #birthstory #birthwithconfidence #birthwithoutfear #informedbirth #empoweredbirth #birthbecomesher #birthisbeautiful #hypnobirthingworks #rockyourbirth #positivebirthstory #hospitalbirth #firsttimemum #ftm #positivebirthstoryproject #birthmatters #makeyourbirthbetter #changingtheworldonebirthatatime

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Are you pregnant? If you're feeling worried or on edge about labour, then reading positive birth stories can make all the difference! They helped me look forward to labour and removed the fear around birth. Here are some amazing positive birth stories to read before you go into labour!

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