How Hypnobirthing Changed My Pregnancy

How Hypnobirthing Changed my Pregnancy

So far, in the short life of this blog, I have mentioned a number of different times how amazing I think hypnobirthing is. I truly believe that it is something that should be taught to all women who are going to experience labour, as I will do in just a couple of weeks! However, usually we hear hypnobirthing talked about in relation to labour and birth specifically and for me it is about so much more. So I thought I’d take a moment to talk about how hypnobirthing changed my pregnancy, before I even use it to change my birth.

Getting Ready To Give Birth

Like I say, I haven’t yet given birth to my baby boy. He is due in just two weeks and at the moment it feels like I’ve been pregnant for about six years! I’m getting tired and sore, and probably a little bit grumpy. The thing I am not, however, is scared.

I am not scared of giving birth. I am not scared of the pains I’ll experience in labour. I’m not scared of tearing during delivery, and I’m not even scared of the prospect of medical intervention. The reason I’m not scared, is entirely down to the hypnobirthing that I’ve been practicing during my pregnancy.

What’s more, is that not only has hypnobirthing taken the fear away from giving birth, it has actually made a marked impact on my attitude and experience during pregnancy too.

How Hypnobirthing Changed my Pregnancy

Struggling with Anxiety Before I Even Fell Pregnant

Throughout my life there have been some experiences that sparked high levels of anxiety and I have dealt with them with varying degrees of success. Some things I have managed to rationalise and manage, others have thrown me off the deep end completely. I don’t think that’s very unusual for the human experience. We all live on a spectrum and the key is often what coping mechanisms we have in place to manage our experiences.

Having a baby has always been something I have craved and wanted above everything else! The name of this blog is no accident, as I truly believe I was made to me a mum. I was also made to be a kickass friend, partner, business woman and all round human, but being a mum was always going to be part of my future. However, pregnancy was something that had scared me for a number of reasons.

First there was the fear that I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant due to my PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome), and then there was the terrible anxiety that I would lose any baby I did conceive for the same reason. When your doctors, the internet and your own sense of self worth are telling you that pregnancy will be a scary and difficult time for you, it becomes deeply ingrained!

This manifested in huge anxiety once I found out I was pregnant. So much so that I took myself for four private scans before my 12 week NHS scan. It was excessive but I couldn’t trust my own body, and my first trimester was no fun at all.

How Hypnobirthing Changed my Pregnancy

Removing The Fear to Discover The Fun

Although my second trimester came around and my anxiety levels decreased slightly, I still checked for blood every time I went to the loo, convinced as I was that it was all too good to be true. It wasn’t until I discovered hypnobirthing and began learning calming techniques, and really understanding some of the things that my body was going through, that I really began to find a sense of calm. That is how hypnobirthing changed my pregnancy for the better!

By putting me in control of my emotions, educating me about birth (and thereby removing the fear and anxiety), and teaching me how to calm myself down, hypnobirthing has made pregnancy an enjoyable and positive experience and I am so grateful! I now spend my days watching and reading positive birth stories and practicing all of the techniques I’ll need when I do go into labour. Whilst I might still be counting the days, I don’t feel any of the niggling anxiety I had expected in my due month, and I am going into birth feeling in control and understanding my own body and the autonomy I have over it.

Hypnobirthing changed my pregnancy and I have no doubt that it will positively impact my birth experience too. Whether I am fortunate enough to experience the birth I would like to have, or things go in a different direction, I know that I am strong enough and we’ll equipped enough to birth my baby with positivity… and that is pretty awesome!

How Hypnobirthing Changed my Pregnancy

I am learning hypnobirthing with The Positive Birth Company using their digital pack and can definitely recommend it to any other expectant couple!

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