Week 36 Pregnancy Diary – Getting Prepared

36 Week Pregnancy Diary - Made to Mum

Today I am officially 37 weeks pregnant, and have finally hit ‘full term’ in my pregnancy! It’s beyond exciting and I can’t wait to meet my little man in just a few short weeks. I’m really keen to document this last month of my pregnancy, so here’s my week 36 pregnancy diary…

36 Week Scan & Midwife Appointment

This week saw us attend our 36 week scan, which was our first chance to get a look at Baby H since our 20 week anomaly scan! Although babies are generally too big to get a clear picture of by this point, we did get a lovely look at our boy’s face and it was confirmed that everything is perfectly healthy in there which was reassuring. He is currently measuring 6lbs 9oz, which isn’t tiny but is pretty down the middle in terms of babies at this point so I don’t think we’ll be having a massive baby after all!

I also had my 36 week midwife check up, which was a great chance to meet my new midwife. My last one was pretty rubbish and even retired at Christmas without saying a word or giving me really important blood test results! I was actually relieved to hear she had retired, because she had been so uninterested in my pregnancy or getting to know me and it meant she wouldn’t be with me when I delivered. My new midwife is lovely though and we had a great chat, which made me feel loads better.

Getting Prepared with the NCT

36 weeks was a big milestone in my pregnancy because Mr H and I finally got to take part in our NCT course. If I’m totally honest, I have been looking forward to this rather more than Mr H has but he still approached it with a relatively good attitude, after a bit of encouragement.

We chose to do the intensive weekend course, instead of the 10 week evening course, because we weren’t sure what Mr H would be doing with work way back when we booked it and didn’t want him to miss anything. I was a bit worried that cramming it all into two days (plus an evening breastfeeding course) would be too much, but whilst it was pretty exhausting we still got loads out of it!

The vast majority of the two day course was focused on labour and delivery which was really helpful. I found that much of it reinforced decisions I had already made, based on my hypnobirthing practice, and it was exactly what I needed to feel empowered to make choices in the run up to my labour and on the day itself. We also learnt a great deal about the actual science behind labour which was eye opening to say the least…

One of the most important things I got from the weekend was more information about the medical side of birth. I’m very set on a natural water birth, but have to acknowledge that it might not be possible for whatever reason. I was feeling pretty scared about induction in particular, but learning about the ins and outs, and the various different kinds of inductions, really helped me feel more in control. It’s still not what I want, but at least I have all of the relevant info it it does come to it!

Another really important part of the whole NCT set up is the social aspect, and it was really lovely to meet other pregnant mums and expectant dads from our local area who we’ll be able to experience a lot of those newborn milestones with!

Work Has Not Slowed Down…

Whilst the 36/37 week period of pregnancy is often when people start to slow down with work, or go on maternity leave, I have been doing the opposite! Working for yourself is stressful (and amazing) at the best of times, and the flexibility that I’ll enjoy going forward to balance work and being a mum is great, but it does mean I don’t get maternity leave.

Getting as much pre-done ahead of our baby boy arriving is really important and I’m doing my best to stock up recipes (for over on Basement Bakehouse, my food blog) and getting as much client work organised as possible. I’ve been doing this by sticking to a pretty rigid schedule which has been exhausting to say the least, but I know will make a big difference in the long run.

It is also helping the time to pass more quickly, which is something I’m grateful for! Everyone said that this last month or so of pregnancy really drags, so anything I can do to speed it up is fine by me. I know that I have to hustle to make money and be a successful inspiration for my little boy in the future, so even though I’m knackered it all feels worth it.

I am making sure to make time for myself and Mr H to relax and unwind together though, and we’re making sure to do our hypnobirthing practice in the evenings too. I really feel like it’s helping us to bond even more before Baby H arrives which is amazing!

Final Preparations

I was really keen to have everything organised before I hit that 37 week full term moment. It might have been slightly ambitious to think we could finish everything, and there is still plenty to be done in the nursery, where we drastically need shelving and a rug! However, we did use the weekend to organise lots more baby things and pack mine and the baby’s hospital bags (I’ll share a post about what we’ve included soon!).

We’ve got the travel system out of the cupboard and set the isofix base up in the car for the car seat, just in case we don’t have time when I actually go into labour! We also started looking into natural ways to encourage labour and I’ve got lots of spicy curries and date smoothies on my meal plan for this week.

All in all, week 36 of my pregnancy was a really productive week and I can honestly say I feel 95% prepared for when Baby H turns up…whenever that may be! Stay tuned for my 37 week update next week…

36 Week Pregnancy Diary - Made to Mum

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