10 Life Saving Products for New Mums

Newborn Baby in Sling - Products for New Mums

Becoming a parent is a wonderful, exciting and totally overwhelming experience. It’s also a time where you’re bombarded with advice and suggestions that you may not always be asking for! When it comes to what the most useful products for new mums are there is a lot of conflicting advice.

Of course, there are very few things that are totally essential for a new baby. So long as they are fed, clothed and loved you’re doing ok! That’s not to say though that there aren’t plenty of products for new mums that make life just that little bit more simple and manageable, particularly in the sleep department!

I know that before I had my baby boy there were a lot of things that I was totally convinced I’d need, that I simply have not used (but that’s a story for another post!). So, here are some totally life saving products for new mums that I have genuinely found useful since giving birth. Some are for you, some are for your baby and some are a mixture of both…

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10 Life Saving Products for New Mums

Ewan the sheep

Ewan The Dream Sheep is currently known as the third parent in our household. Without it we wouldn’t have stood a chance of getting our boy to sleep in his own space or just generally stay asleep once there.

Ewan The Sheep is a toy that makes a variety of white and pink noise, such as womb sound and rain music, and helps to settle and sooth your baby. It is one of the most useful products for new mums that I can advise and makes a great mid-price gift!

Ewan The Dream Sheep -  Lifesaving Products for New Mums

The Rockit

The Rockit is a clever little product that came into our lives a little bit later, around 10 weeks, but I wish I had used from the beginning! It attaches to the chassis of your pram or stroller and gently rocks it from side to side to help keep your baby asleep for that bit longer.

I’ve found it particularly useful to help stop Baby B waking up in-between sleep cycles if we are out for food or I’m trying to get a bit of work done.

Rockit Portable Baby Rocker - lifesaving products for new mums

Gro Bag

When I was pregnant I had this lovely idea of a beautifully swaddled sleeping baby but when B was born he simply refused to be trussed up tight! Swaddles were out but he didn’t do well with a blanket either as he was such a mover at night and just kicked it off. That’s where Gro Bags came in very handy!

Gro bags are a great product for new parents, whether you’re using them early or waiting until your baby is a bit bigger. They come in plenty of different togs for different times of year and you can get some gorgeous patterns!

Baby Wearing Gro Bags from The Gro Company

Rocking Chair

Before having a baby one of the few things I knew for sure was that babies like to be rocked to sleep. It therefore felt essential to get myself a rocking chair! We spent weeks testing them out and trawling the internet for feeding chairs but none were comfy enough and there wasn’t a single one that I would want in my house long term.

It wasn’t until my clever mum found this rocking chair conversion kit for an IKEA arm chair that we truly found something right for us! Whether you go for a classic maternity chair like this or find something a bit more unique, a rocking chair is an essential product for new parents in my view. Having spent many nights rocking my little boy to sleep I’m not sure what I’d have done without it!

Breastfeeding Cushion

If you’re planning on breastfeeding a good supportive cushion to rest your arms and baby on is a must buy. One of the things no one seems to talk about before you give birth is that babies often don’t cooperate when feeding and you’ll end up trying every position under the sun to get them properly latched. A feeding pillow makes that journey much easier, and when you do fine the best positions for you it makes life so much easier.

Nursing Pillow - Life Saving Products for New Mums


If you’re going to be spending long nights up with a feeding baby, or walking endlessly around the park to get your little one to sleep then headphones are a great idea. You can get all of your favourite podcasts listened to on the move and avoid boredom too!

I’d recommend in ear headphones so you can have one in and one out if needs be, and wireless is a good idea as babies like to grab anything dangling!

Nipple Cream

Nipple cream is a must if you’re planning on breastfeeding. Even with a baby that has the best latch in the world there is likely to be a bit of soreness as your nipples toughen up. It’s definitely worth having a tube in the house as being stuck with sore nipples and no relief at 3am is nobody’s idea of fun.

Lanolin Nipple Cream - Life Saving Products for New Mums

Breast Pump

Any breast milk is great for your baby, so even if you’re not planning on breastfeeding long term a pump is a great item to add to your shopping list as a new mum.
The ability to pump your own milk to give to your baby, whether you’re a breastfeeding mum or not, is fantastic! If you are breastfeeding then a pump can be useful for over supply, or to increase your supply as needed. Of course, having pumped milk also means you can have someone else feed the baby if it’s something you want!

I use two main pumps – the Elvie Single Breast Pump for day to day use and the Haakaa Silicone Pump when I’m feeding at night to encourage a bit of extra milk let down.

Elvie Breast Pump - Life Saving Products for New Mums

Nipple Shields

Nipple shields are another good product for new parents that it’s worth having in the house when your baby arrives. The hope of course is that you won’t need them but if you do then having the option is great!

If you’re not too sure how to use nipple shields then you can reach out to your local breastfeeding support to get help.

Sling or Baby Carrier

A sling or baby carrier is a total must buy for new mums and dads. Being able to just pop your baby on your chest to go into the shops, or to get them to sleep, is a total life saver when you have a fussy newborn baby.

I loved a wrap sling when B was very young, and still use it regularly. I have also got this Windsleeping carrier which is great value for money and really helps prevent back pain!

Windsleeping Baby Carrier - Life Saving Products for New Mums

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