GOLDEN B Nursing Top Review

Baby breastfeeding from mother wearing GOLDEN B Nursing Top

Are you looking for a comfortable, easy to use nursing top that is affordable and flattering? I’ve given GOLDEN B a go to see whether their stylish nursing wear really does meet the mark! 

I find that finding breastfeeding friendly clothes that I actually like and can afford to be exhausting and frustrating. Everything that I do like is often priced way outside of my budget or doesn’t come in my size since giving birth. That’s why I was thrilled when Sophie from GOLDEN B got in touch asking if I’d give this nursing top a try.

Baby breastfeeding from mother wearing GOLDEN B Nursing Top


GOLDEN B is run by trained costumier and tailor Sophie Titchmarsh, a mum of one, who became frustrated with the options available for breastfeeding mothers after she gave birth.

To solve her frustration and give herself and other breastfeeding mums a choice of more stylish, comfortable and practical nursing wear she began to design, cut and manufacture her own line of maternity and nursing clothes – GOLDEN B.

GOLDEN B Nursing Top Review

GOLDEN B has a great range of nursing tops and dresses in a variety of fun and flattering designs. I gave their Green Floral Nursing Top a go and have scored it out of five for the following factors:

  1. Ease of Use
  2. Comfort & Sizing
  3. Quality
  4. Value for Money
  5. Style

Baby breastfeeding from mother wearing GOLDEN B Nursing Top

Ease of Use

The most important thing when considering whether to buy a nursing top or not is whether it is actually going to be comfortable and practical to breastfeed in. Is your child going to be constantly smothered by unnecessary fabric? Can you access your boob easily? Can you be as discrete or comfortable as you’d like? These are all questions you have to ask before you even look at the price tag or consider adding it to your basket!

This nursing top from GOLDEN B is made out of soft viscose fabric and has a lift up flap covering a deep v-neck wrap over chest panel which makes it really easy to breastfeed in. You can simply lift up the flap, unclip your bra and adjust your boob for easy access by your baby.

The top flap is useful for covering the top of your breast if you are wanting a more discrete look whilst nursing and the fabric hugs to your body (without being clingy) so that you don’t have loads of extra skin on show when you feed.

I have large breasts and it is still very easy to maneuver them in and out of the top without flashing too many people with my nipple, so it’s a winner in my book!

Score: 5/5 

Comfort & Sizing

As I’ve said, this nursing top is very easy to breastfeed in and the comfort factor is a big part of that. Many of the breastfeeding clothes I’ve tried on in the past have uncomfortable seams that cut into your skin while you feed or they simply don’t have the stretch to enable you to fully access your breast to feed.

This nursing top from GOLDEN B is made with a stretchy fabric that allows comfortable access and feels super soft to the touch. My initial worry when I opened the top was that it might be overly clingy and would, therefore, become uncomfortable to wear, but the fabric lies well over curves and breaths well so you aren’t becoming too hot.

This nursing top comes in a wide range of sizes, from Small (size 8-10) to Extra Large (size 18-20). I got a size XL and it fits very well. I am really impressed that they go all the way up to a size 20. I’ve not been the skinniest since giving birth and it’s great to know that I’m catered for here!

My only negative on the comfort factor is that because the fabric is that slightly slippy texture the top does occasionally ride up a little. It may well be though that I’m at the top end of their sizing so if you’re smaller than me this probably won’t be an issue.

Score: 4.5/5


Quality is such an important factor when looking for nursing clothes that you’re constantly going to be wearing a lot and will be constantly fiddled with and pulled on by your baby. The GOLDEN B Nursing Top ticks all of my boxes on the quality factor for sure!

I think that because their range of clothing is designed in house and made in the UK, it’s obvious that the quality of their products has been the top priority and it shows. The stitching, cut and choice of fabric is brilliant so I really can’t fault them!

Score: 5/5

Value For Money

Since starting my breastfeeding journey, I have found it near impossible to find good quality and inexpensive nursing clothes. Everything is either badly made and cheap or well made but costs hundreds of pounds!

GOLDEN B, on the other hand, are really reasonably priced from the get go and given the fantastic quality of this nursing top, I can wholeheartedly say that it’s great value for money.

I’ve already worn the top a bunch of times and although it was gifted to me for this review, I’m planning on purchasing some of the other designs soon because it’s just so useful. My breastfeeding journey will hopefully be a long one, so having staple items like this which don’t cost the earth is going to be super helpful.

Score: 5/5


GOLDEN B’s range of nursing tops and dresses comes in a variety of really bold prints, with florals, peacock prints and geometric designs taking centre stage. Whilst a bold print isn’t to everyone’s taste, what it does do is make the items really flattering.

If, like me, you have lots of post-baby lumps and bumps that you’d rather not draw attention to, these kinds of bold prints are a great style option as they distract from those problematic areas. They also add a much needed pop of colour, as breastfeeding clothes are all too often only found in greys and blacks (because that’s all new mums want to wear…right?!?).

I would love if the range did come in a few more neutral designs and colours, purely for the fact that they’re so comfortable and I’d like some options for the days I don’t feel like standing out from the crowd. Fingers crossed Golden B add a few more items to their range in the future, but until then I’m going to rock the florals!

Score: 4.5/5 

Baby breastfeeding from mother wearing GOLDEN B Nursing Top

So, there you have it! My review of GOLDEN B’s nursing top. All in all, if you’re looking for a comfortable, stylish and easy to wear nursing top that doesn’t cost the earth then this is the perfect choice for you. You can also check out their range of nursing dresses and their maternity clothes too.

I’m going to be keeping a close eye on GOLDEN B’s website for any new additions to the range!

As indicated above, the product reviewed in this post was gifted to me in exchange for this review however all views and opinions are my own. 

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