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How Hypnobirthing Changed My Pregnancy

How Hypnobirthing Changed my Pregnancy

So far, in the short life of this blog, I have mentioned a number of different times how amazing I think hypnobirthing is. I truly believe that it is something that should be taught to all women who are going to experience labour, as I will do in just a couple of weeks! However, usually […]

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Healthy Date & Banana Pregnancy Smoothie

Healthy Banana & Date Pregnancy Smoothie to Naturally Induce Labour and Have a Healthy Pregnancy and Birth

Now that I’ve hit the final stage of my pregnancy, I’ve been thinking so much about what happens when Baby H makes his appearance and I just want him to arrive now! With that in mind, I’m trying out lots of the natural induction techniques and suggestions that I learnt at my NCT course recently. […]


15 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

If you’re pregnant, or have a young child, the chances are that Valentine’s Day may not be top of your priorities. So, here are 15 last minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him that you can order today on Amazon (and get tomorrow if you have Amazon Prime!) that will either make him smile, laugh or […]


Week 36 Pregnancy Diary – Getting Prepared

36 Week Pregnancy Diary - Made to Mum

Today I am officially 37 weeks pregnant, and have finally hit ‘full term’ in my pregnancy! It’s beyond exciting and I can’t wait to meet my little man in just a few short weeks. I’m really keen to document this last month of my pregnancy, so here’s my week 36 pregnancy diary… 36 Week Scan […]


Positive Things To Say To a Pregnant Friend

Positive Things To Say To a Pregnant Friend

If you have a friend, family member or loved one who is pregnant right now, then it goes without question (I’m sure) that you want to be as supportive and kind to that person as you possibly can be! However, as a culture we are programmed to talk so negatively about birth and pregnancy that […]

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PLEASE STOP Telling Negative Birth Stories

Positive Birth Stories - stop negative birth stories in pregnancy

I am currently 36 weeks pregnant (almost 37) and over the last nine months I cannot count the number of times that people, even people I don’t know, have felt the need to tell me just how awful birth is. Negative birth stories seem simply to be part of the conversation…and if you ask me, […]